Who is Adept VA?

Susie de Andrade, the Adept VA

I’m first and foremost an executive assistant. That’s just the way I am!

I’ve been one for too long not to naturally think about how I can help someone, in particular, how I can organise someone. I did that in my past life in the corporate world, I do it for my family and I’ve been doing it for my clients for the last 5 years. I have what I call EA common sense, which means loads of experience as an EA, common sense, good grammar and an eye for detail.

I work mainly around content development, social media management, email and diary management and WordPress website work but love to learn new systems, in fact, just love learning in general.

I love to learn about people’s businesses and see if I can help them come up with a more efficient way of doing things. I do this for potential clients and I do this for current clients as well. They may run something by me and I suggest ways to implement it. They usually go away with some new ideas which I’m happy to help them set up.

I also usually set my clients up with a VA procedures document because I like to add value. I let them know pretty much from the start that they have this document they can take away with them which will help them in their business.

I’m happy to have a chat with you and discuss your business and see if I can make any suggestions or help in anyway. I know your time is precious but sometimes all you need is a 20 minute chat to set you in the right direction or help you feel like you’re moving forward with your business. Send me an email to susie@adeptva.com.au to set up a time for a phone or Skype call.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Susie de Andrade

PS – My passions are my family, reading, baking and of course learning. Here are some of the courses I’ve completed since becoming a VA.